Angry monkey scalp-tattoo


That’s bananas ! (It had to be said…)

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I’ve heard scalp tattoos are painful as hell.

If it was typical male pattern baldness I would think only the eyes would be showing. Hey that gives me a creepy idea…

Should have been Beast Jesus.


No one decided it is shopped yet? If it is real I do wonder how it will look if the hair can/is allowed to grow back with the monkey looking out at people thought the hair. As above it is not the typical pattern for pattern baldness but I do wonder if the temptation to do something like this increases if you have an atypical bald spot.

That’s an ape. Or can you picture that face owning a tail?

I name it King Crimson Kong

My money’s on shoop, because WTF?

I took a couple of minutes to analyse it in Photoshop and couldn’t find any artefacts or anomalies that would lead me to believe that it’s fake. If it is, then it’s a fantastic job.

Scary huh?

+1 not chopped; the full length showing of the hairs surrounding the bald patch would’ve been very hard to fake… not worth the effort I’d guess.

What’s so implausible about this tattoo, anyway?

BTW I’m not too bad at photochopping myself; here’s the first example of my work I came across when I went looking:



A pair of links to those for anyone who’d like to open em in new tabs to compare (the plain links automatically emedded):

Or angry monkey shaves neck and pretends to be a head tattoo…

You should see his clever tattoo of an elephant.

just look at it.

As it turns out he had already shaved the top of his head as an act of devotion to his religious order: the Franciscan Monk(ey)s.

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