Sailor tattoos decoded

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Mermaid: Sailor seeking platonic relationship, genitalia is irrelevant

Single Large Anchor on forearm: Is Popeye

YMCA Logo: Served in the Navy


Arrrrrrh ye sure ye’ve got the right meanin’ for swallow, matey?

'Oo isn’t? Likes games, eh? Knew she would. Likes games, eh? She’s been around a bit, been around?


Which tattoo is for vice-admiral of the narrow sea?

“Your ship is in a bottle
and the rocks are on your lee,
surrender to the admiral, dear, of the narrow sea” --Al Duvall


Thanks to creepy-ass Todd and his ringtone, that song will always remind of Breaking Bad.

"Goodbye, Lydia."


Different tats on Todd & his associates though.

I think the moral of that series was “if your new business plan hinges on exploiting the pathetic schoolboy crush of a child-murdering Nazi then maybe just go back to the food wholesale industry.”

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Even BrBa knew that Nazis are attrocious murdering bastards; it showed just how far gone Walt was that he was even willing to work with them. But in the end, he too figured out that there’s only one way such a nefarious association ends…

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“See, ANTIFA are just as bad!” —Someone watching the Breaking Bad finale, probably


Yeah… anyone who didn’t utterly loathe Todd and his ‘family’ by the end of that series has something seriously fundamentally wrong with them.

I’m not usually in favor of such 1 dimensional characters, even when its the antagonists; but there was literally nothing redeeming or endearing about that bunch - not even Todd’s creepy and awkward crush on Lydia. Given Gilligan’s high level of skill when it comes to writing, I’m certain that was not unintentional.

I think most people loathed Todd and his people from minute one.

Anyone who didn’t loath Walt by the end of it was missing a beat.

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I hated Walt after he let Jane die from an OD, as that was the point where there was no returning from the dark path he’d chosen; nevertheless, I was still able root for him one last time in his revenge on the Schwartz’s and on the Nazi gang. And then I was glad to see him die…

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I guess you could say Todd’s best qualities were that he was a hard worker who aimed to please and was outwardly courteous to everyone, but the way those traits were played out really just made him even creepier.


Crossing Golden Dragon or King Neptune had hazing rituals associated with each one. I really can’t see them being done in today’s modern coed Navy/Coast Guard but there might still be a few holdouts.

Nope, no way the artist was much of a “tall ship sailor”, or any other form of sailor.

Because nobody who’s served as more than casual deck-ape or temporary self-moving ballast would confuse that FIVE-pointed star with a compass rose (q.w.).

I am, however, ready to believe that she’s a Freemason. Which is cool, if irrelevant to navigation.


she does not.

The nautical star is a five-pointed star in dark and light shades counterchanged to resemble a compass rose.

(emphasis mine)

I’d hate having to organize those on me . . .

Why thank you, Unshaved Weirdo! I’m embarrassed I didn’t know that, and do appreciate the schooling, and (obviously) had no right to cast aspersions on the artist.