323 reindeer died from a single lighting strike in Norway


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Let’s take a moment of silence for the deerly departed.


Blitzen, Blitzen Jr., Blitzen III…


There’s a joke with “Blitzen” in there somewhere.


That’ll do just fine.


Why, oh why, did I click on ‘show full post’? Now I have a sad. :cry:



Are we sure it was lighting? It could have been Fenton.


At least they went in a flash. Only half kidding. Of the ways nature kills, struck by lightening is probably one of the least painful.

ETA: It also occurs to me that this was probably a herd, so no orphans.


This is why you shouldn’t be out in a Donner storm.



Another likely suspect:


No way I saw this on X-Files, that was a battle between the shape-shifting alien and the black oil one.

Lightning? Hah.


Great, another thing for Durkon et al to be worried about.



“It would be a shame if something were to happen to your little Reindeer games…”


It’ll be like figuring out what to do with all the leftover turkey after Thansgiving.

Reindeer sandwiches, reindeer soup, reindeer hot dogs, reindeer kabobs…


Reindeer jerky!




They often said that Rudolph was a lightning rod.


I never trust Lightning storms without some Reindeer