$35 million dollar Star Trek themed mansion for sale


Did they really call it “the Star Trek Enterprise?”

I hope maybe they were just differentiating from any other Enterprise but something tells me they meant “Star Ship Enterprise.”


Keith Alexander’s summer house?


Found a page showing the full listing here:

It’s pretty awesome.


Dear rich people:
If you want a good Call of Duty room, call me. This one is the most uninspiring room of that entire house.

PS: red dot scope? pfft… noob.


I think this room is telling:


In any normal house, this room would be too “special” to waste on pinball.

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Especially since the design of the room is clearly based on TNG.

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True. But who would want that carpet in their house for at all? If you have a room like that devoted to ironic appreciation of ugliness your wealth is pretty insulting.


Maybe they’re trying to reproduce the Vegas aesthetic, in which case they haven’t gone far enough.

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I notice there’s no Phantom Menace pinball in that collection, too. Not so complete!

I can see tomorrow!


" I wanna be big!" - Tom Hanks

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Wow, is that website a rabbit hole. Especially <a href=“http://www.redfin.com/collections/christin-c-u1708129/just-wow-c485"target=”_blank">this page.

Is there something wrong with me that I would never want to live in a house that big? And why is it that over-sized houses are almost automatically gaudy?


my thoughts exactly

You’d have to pay me $35m to live in Florida.

And that house is horrible. Nasty pastiche outside and tasteless vomit inducing interior.

My grandmother would love that carpet.

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I can’t believe that was the bar design he went with when he could have been drinking it up in the Mos Eisley Cantina.


How are you going to tastefully and thoughtfully decorate 80 rooms with your own personal touch? Your options seem to be gaudy impersonal decorations or empty rooms.

Also, large houses are inherently just a show of wealth unless you’re running a boarding house or are a quiverfull type person. A regular size family can’t possibly make good use of that many rooms. Much of the house is inevitably just expensive wasted space.

It’s brown, gray, and boring. Pretty much modern military shooter: the room. All it needs is for those spotlights to be a little too bright and focused so you can experience the bloom.

No, nothing wrong with you. I ideal dream house is pretty big but far smaller than 80 rooms.

Sometimes it is just blatant one-upsmanship. I knew someone whose neighbor but in a 21 car garage. Later that year his other neighbor, a car company exec, put in a 22 car one.

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