$350 M65 jacket for fancy-pants kids dabbling in anarchy


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$375 now. I should have gotten in on the ground floor.


Nothing says punk rock like conservative political slogans.


I knew a gal that would buy things like this in the late 90s, wear them, and then complain her parents were going to cut her off eventually. She had no clue.


wow - this is not DIY - this is not Punk Rock… wow



Apparently tryhards have taken over the world.


Club Med Sucks! I wanna play Lacrosse!


And I thought Hot Topic was bad…


Nothing says punk rock like using “f*@!ing” for “fucking.” I mean, sure, they’re edgy and defy authority, but punks don’t actually want to offend anyone, right?


I know, right?

This jacket provides an important public service: fleecing the stupid rich of their money.

It redistributes wealth so effectively I think it’s the most socialist item I’ve ever seen. Maybe we should flood Etsy with similar items, and watch society will change for the better.


goes well with pre-shat in Jeans



My beat!




Nothing says anarchy like a geometrically precise and perfectly symmetrical anarchy symbol.

Clearly they are trying to differentiate this one from the $3000 limited edition “hardcore” version of the jacket with symbols drawn by algorithms trained on jail graffiti.

Somebody please TV slap the transcendent object at the end of time, it appears to be malfunctioning again…


Some conservative, some socialist. It’s almost like Barneys of New York don’t have a clue about the mixed signals.

More likely is that they don’t care, as long as the money comes in.


If you’re gonna be a rat, you don’t have look like one. Especially with that kind of money. I swear on me mum…


My favorite CVB album of all time… Key Lime Pie comes in at a close second. Thanks for posting.

I just want someone to wear that dang jacket to this party, just once: