35mm footage of London's King's Road in the late 1960s


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That Triton tho.


And the blue Marcos. Mmmm-mmmm.


I think I spotted a “sexy stew” in there.


I saw it too.


Though a few years early, I’d say that this would be the appropriate soundtrack for this clip, no?


Was waiting for Scooby and the gang to show up and solve a mystery!


That dude in the orange shirt at :17 wins it all.


The ratio of miniskirts to cigarette smokers: about 4 to 1.

What a time to be alive.


Sure makes today seem drab, but isn’t that the way of memory?


I had a pair of striped jeans just like those!


I can smell the leaded car exhaust. Mmmmmm.


The boutique shopping scene in Hot Millions (1968) was filmed in the original Apple store.


And not a damn cellphone to be seen among the lot of them! What if those were the days, my friend(s)?


I was just walking along King’s Road in May and I must say, it’s still this crowded and still full of interesting people.

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