Mondo Mod - 1967 documentary of Sunset Strip scene


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Oh! I’ll have to watch that later.

I wonder if Mayor of sunset strip shows up?

Mondo Mod - 1967 documentary of Sunset Strip strip scene
I think that's one too many strips.



It’s all swish pans and zooms. Hard to get a good look at things.

Interesting to see Pandora’s Box at 4:18

Reminds me of




The more things change dot dot dot


This is the type of thing the Thrill Kill Kult would mine for sound bites.


Unlike so many other similar films, it appears they used quality film and camera equipment. My eyes appeaciate that.


and The Fifth Estate a few seconds later. Wow, the memories. :grinning:


Cinematography by

László Kovács … (as Leslie Kovacks)
Vilmos Zsigmond … (as William Zsigmond)


Well there you go.


…and DANCING! Don’t forget, Mark, dancing was super entertaining. Baby boomers really liked dancing.


Depending on what month in 1967, I was either two, two-and-a-half, two-and-three-quarters, or three years old…

I remember, in 1969, my parents driving us to play at Balduck Park, on the far-east side of Detroit, seeing a psychedelically-painted VW microbus, and driving right back out of the parking lot.


I pretty much have to watch any movie with the word “Mondo” in the title.


Is 1964 considered a Baby Boomer year? Because I love to dance!


It’s a blast. Bob something-or-other, am I correct? I’m at “Don”, an anonymous young man under the influence of (gasp!) LSD, who gets interviewed.


Rodney Bigenheimer was known as the Mayor of sunset. He was around from the 60s. But he went on to have an important role in the punk scene in LA. For on, he had a show on KROQ which was supposed to play glam and he ended up playing early punk stuff, including lots of the key local bands (X, the Germs, Black Flag, Black Randy, etc).

I still haven’t watched it… maybe tomorrow?


Oh, I’m thinking of the King of the Hips and Chicks (I think that was his handle) that I read about in “I’m With the Band” by Pamela Des Barres. Rodney was also Davy Jones’s stand-in on “The Monkees”.

And the acid part is hilarious; the grandchildren of the filmmakers could be the folks in Silicon Valley taking microdoses to handle workday stress, etc. I found a Detroit News special insert from 1969 in our attic about the “hippie scene” in Detroit…all that going on and I was barely in kindergarten! And my parents were too old to be hip and my brother was too young, lol!


“What’s Happening” Bob, because that was his greeting.