$370 concrete chair a "must for industrial settings"


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Someone’s been digging through Edison’s old notebooks.


I wonder how much fiberglass they need to put in their concrete mix to keep that from cracking…


It doesn’t prevent them from sometimes coming up with cool stuff; but designers are always flirting with danger when they decide to do ‘industrial’, because ‘industrial’ is already an actual thing, with actual objects(including chairs), designed and manufactured by a large ecosystem of vendors for a variety of industries, and populated by actual people.


I would be more worried about the rebar legs bending. It bends, very easily, with a person’s worth of weight.



no video-- but there’s a transcript.


It looks like it may be a comfortable chair. Not $370 comfy. Look, I didn’t expect the…


Ha-ha! That’s the episode I thought of as soon as I saw the headline.


What the hell kind of rebar have you been using?! It absolutely does not bend that easily, unless maybe you’re bouncing on one end of a 10’ length, 9’ away from a fulcrum with the other end immobilized under an engine block.


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