3D photo of Martian moon, Phobos

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Thanks! My last set of red/blue 3D glasses got thrown out with the Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone-themed bucket of stale popcorn that came with it. :wink:


I can’t look at that. I have a phobia of Martian moons.


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All my 3D glasses have a blue filter that passes part of the red in this image. 8-(

RB Delenda Est.

Blue? Or cyan?

If you know Photoshop (or the equivalent) you can separate the red and cyan images, screen them back together, but put an adjustment on the red image until it’s the right luminosity, and maybe the right hue, so as not to bleed through.

Here’s a different red and a different green.

The NASA image assumes pure RGB red and pure RGB cyan, which may not match with the reality of plastic anaglyph glasses.

Did someone say… Phobos?

This is the national anthem, everybody get up and do the national anthem dance.


I think the writers of the show 95 Worlds & Counting were being extremely optimistic in calling Phobos our potential “next home in space”. The sooty soil alone makes it seem like a bad landing spot in spite of its convenience.

Phobos info begins at 16:30.

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