Two moons were visible in the Dubai sky last night.

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Neat. But people with motion sickness should not watch the video - there is way too much spinning in the drone-shot portion.




(He’s right you know, that isn’t a real moon.)


It may be a world record for the Pepper’s Ghost illusion - slick.


“UAE Government Media Office, the Mars moons of Deimos and Phobos”

There was a company in Doom, called UAC, who summoned those moons…

This is awfully specific and close to that. Coincidence? Or are they trying to summon hell?

Guess we’ll find out!


Methinks they’ve already begun the rituals: Donald Trump's Glowing Orb | Know Your Meme


“PRojEcT BluBeAm shEEple!! WaKe Up beFoRe it’S tOO LaTe”

They implied that it was direct projection on a special screen, rather than the partially silvered mirror stuff like in a traditional pepper’s ghost.

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I do like this projection, and think it looks really cool, but I also think about The Expanse when Avasarala mocks Mars’s moons as not being real moons, but rather just dim dots in the sky.

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Hmmm. Too round, surely? They don’t look anywhere near potatoey enough to be Phobos & Deimos.


Can’t wait for this to be a round the clock projection to shape the narrative of the general populous.

and then came the projected duet with Tupac and Hatsune Miku dancing in the sky

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Indeed, sounds like a simple scrim-type projection screen. Think of dark finely-woven cheesecloth, or even screen door material. I did the same thing for a simple suspended Princess Leia “hologram” projection a few Halloween’s ago.


Yeah, it’s an inexplicable mistake. Neither moon is spherical.

It’s like that recent H.G. Wells two-pound coin that features a War of the Worlds tripod… with four legs.

How?! Just, how?!?

This moon sighting was faked!

The hurtling moons of Barsoom!

I believe ‘mooning’ someone in the UAE will get you life in prison

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