Breathtaking video of the Moon's rotation


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wow… never made the realization that the “dark” side of the moon gets sunlight too!

Watching this, my brain pulled a Necker cube on me.

It’s not a video of the moon’s rotation, it’s an animation of a hi-res texture projected onto a sphere. You can tell because the lighting is uniform, whereas only half of the moon would be lit if it were real footage.

You can see real HD footage of the moon rotating (or rather, the Japanese “KAGUYA (SELENE)” space probe orbiting around it) here and in the related videos.

Yes, of course. I clarified that it’s an “animation.”

Wow, and not even a single cloud! Even Google Earth still has clouds in places!

Um, I think we all know the moon itself is an illusion that is run by the corrupt arm of NASA coupled with Barry O.'s Soros Gang of financiers. Hell, if you watch that “video” close enough, you’ll see an ant run across the bottom portion of the screen as well as at least four different product placements (the classic Pick-N-Pull wrench and the Flab-A-Way tapeworm being most noticeable). They do it just to mess with us, people.

Um, this is “real” footage. Start with 110,000 images captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera’s Wide Angle Camera; now add some Brobdingnagian pixel manipulation to recast solar and viewing angles; voila.

I guess if you have to kill the buzz you could call it “photometric rotoscoping,” but where in the world (oops) do you get “hi-rez texture projected on a sphere”? Or am I just being silly by having read The Fine Article?

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there is no dark side of the moon, really. matter of fact, it’s all dark.

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I only had one photo, so I could only push in a bit and get plus or minus 10 degrees or so, but this is exactly how I did it in ID4.


NICE! Thanks for sharing that.

Really? You had middle school earth science from the wrestling coach?

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For the interested, Virtual Moon Atlas is totally free.

I use it all the time in my Astronomy course.

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