Graphics chip commercial debunks moon landing conspiracies




What is most interesting about the filming of the moon landing was that they were never able to get the realistic effects working properly at earth gravity and atmosphere in the Hollywood sound stage. Eventually they had to fly the whole film crew and all of their equipment to the moon and build a sound stage there at huge expense to film the so called “moon landing” in order to not be embarrassed by the Soviet Union.


at 2:19:

The task was a huge undertaking, and no detail was too small to overlook.

Heh, um… what?


There were plans to repurpose the stage as an amusement park later. But it had no atmosphere.


If by “debunk” you mean, confirms what they have been using to refute nut jobs since the 70s. I used to work at a space museum and all the tour guides had answers for most of the conspiracy theory jokers (flag waving, no stars, etc)

“That Mitchell and Webb Look” had a skit where they CIA or whoever proposed faking the moon landing, and it turns out it would be cheaper to just do it.


Well, it’s about time! Until now there hasn’t been anyone with the access or ability to explain the data and science in support of the moon landing. But NOW I’m sure that everyone can agree that it’s all perfectly understood and no one is in doubt that it really took place.


Alternate headline, tho…Graphics Company Proves That You Can Use Technology To Convincingly Fake a Moon Landing…


Yep, let’s make a tech demo using our GI technique to show you we can recreate the moon landing with a single light source! Then later (at 4:05 in the video) we admit to adding point lights to make it look more realistic, because, uh, reasons.

Not only is this a poor debunking of moon landing conspiracies, it’s a poor advertisement for their fancy illumination engine.


It’s not very clear from the video, but I think what he’s saying is that there are three modes–one shows what it would look like with a single source, one shows what it would look like with human-added point lighting, and one shows what it would look like with their calculated backscatter.


On break now, I found the skit I was thinking of.



I once knew a clinically paranoid person. They taught me that to understand the truth you have to read between the lines.

In this case the text is pretty easy to see: “company fakes moon landing”.


The mind of a conspiracy theorist is always one step ahead of reality. Typically any proof that you provide is seen as just another facet of the larger conspiracy, so in this case Maxwell was created or hired to obscure “the truth” of the faked moon landing. If there is ever a consumer-grade telescope powerful enough to actually see the landing site from Earth, perhaps that will put it to rest. . . or perhaps they will just say NASA had to quickly shoot a faked lunar module base up there when they found out people would be able to see it from Earth.



This isn’t so much a debunking video as it is for Maxwell coupled with Nvidia. They’d like to show off their lighting system, and what cooler way to do it? Accurately illuminate the lunar scene.
I’ve been playing with their Sketchup plugin for a while, and their render-engine is top notch.
Saying that, adding refracted light to a render slows it down tenfold. To see it work in realtime is pretty impressive. Even large-budget 3d movies get sent to a render farm for a spell in the oven (often proprietry). This’ll cut render times to nothing.
Expect a glut of cheap 3d movies soon.


It is not possible to have 100% of people believe anything. There are still folks who think the earth is flat, slavery was good or George Bush was a great president so not everyone will believe we were able to do something like a ‘moon landing’ and there is no way anyone will be able to convince them of the truth.


Heh, that one’s going to be a little cryptic for most.


OJ didn’t fake it. OJ did it.


I don’t believe a word of that video. It’s obvious that they faked the so-called “computer graphics” with a model diorama. Nobody’s got computer technology that good. “Changing the lighting” was just someone flicking the illumination lights on and off.


If the spacesuit don’t fit, you must acquit.