Watch this 'blooper reel' of astronauts falling on the Moon


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Bring 'em down. Clearly they’re suffering from space sickness!


Oh yeah, that was totally all filmed on earth in a movie studio in England. roll eyes

The thing with moon hoax conspiracy theorists is, they obsess with “proving” Apollo 11 never happened, and ignore how there were five more successful missions after it, each one with far more, far better. far more elaborate documentary evidence that it happened than Apollo 11. With three of those, the astronauts brought a fucking car with them and drove around for miles across a varied landscape, stopping and venturing pretty far afield from the car every so often, all while broadcasting it live from a freaking TV camera mounted on the car. Yeah, sure, it’s totally possible to fake that in a movie studio. [/rant]

eta: fixed reference to hollywood as per @jhbadger’s correction. How they expect the conspiracy to be kept quiet all these years when part of it was done in another country where the US government has no power to intimidate witnesses is beyond me, but conspiracy theorists are not known for consistency or rationality of thought.


Oh, not Hollywood. Pinewood/Shepperton in England – the “documentary” Room 237 suggests that Kubrick put hints in The Shining that are hidden confessions that he faked NASA’s missions using the effects that he and Douglas Trumbull developed for 2001.


That was totally filmed on earth, and it proves that the earth is flat. The films were made at the center of the earth-disc where the angular momentum is lowest. That’s why it looks like “gravity” is decreased; the “astronauts” are moving more slowly through the atmosphere than the rest of us, so there’s less air resistance. It’s so obvious, I don’t know why you sheeple can’t see it. Some people will swallow anything I guess. Sad.


I’m working on a theory that Earth is actually a tessellated hypercube. I think my findings will completely blow everyone’s mind.

Contrary to what you might think, my complete lack of knowledge regarding physics, or, you know. . . “geometry”, is actually a plus, because I won’t fall into the same traps these ivory-tower eggheads fall into.

Mainly I just like the phrase “tessellated hypercube.” I think it will impress enough people that I can sell subscriptions to my mimeographed newsletter.


A piece on how they did some of the training on Earth.


Creativity flows from ignorance, believe it! Really looking forward to that mimeographed newsletter.


Are you sure this is not a trailer for the QWOP sequel?



Building on Dr. Gene Ray’s work?



“mashup” of this video with “what a wonderful world”


“Mass is a bitch and then you dive.”

"Proverbs from the 21 Century"

Come on, was it too hard to add Yakety Sax at half speed?


Got to see Charlie Duke (Apollo 16. Youngest Astronaut to walk on the moon) the other day for an event in the city I live in.
He mentioned falling over. His big fall was when he wanted to see if he could also jump as high as possible and set a record or something.
Unfortunately, the pack on the back (Life support) weights about as much as the astronaut. When he was at the peak of his jump he straightened up. The end result was starting to fall backwards.
Big problem is, that although hard, the units are actually kind of brittle. So he had to do some awkward twisting to try and stop landing flat on the unit. He’s still alive so he must have succeeded.
He mentioned how by the time an astronaut got back into the lander, they tended to look like coal miners. From falls and stirred up dust.
So there you go. Amusing story, told 2nd hand. Yay?


No, no - the QWOP link by @74hc595 made me see the truth.
Apollo was just a big happening, and Andy Warhol masterminded it, possibly bringing in Beuys and some of the fluxus guys.


I once saw a doctor who had a photo in his surgery of him meeting Buzz Aldrin, so I have met someone who has met someone who has been on the moon.
Tenuous, but as close as I’ll get to being an astronaut.


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