How to simulate a moon landing in your kitchen


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“How to simulate a moon landing in your kitchen”

Just drop trou’ and sit down?


a) That AR tracking is remarkably smooth. I fully expected the moon to jump about as the camera moved around the room, but it looked to be rock solid (pun partially intended).

b) I suppose you couldn’t really see it otherwise, but I got a kick out of the comical scale of the lander to the moon.


Thinking the same thing. Early AR never really stayed steady with control points which ruined the illusion. Apple’s take looks to be far superior and I look forward to it’s possibilities and the feeling that I may run into things in the middle of my kitchen even when there is nothing there.


I hope i’m not the only on seeing the Batman portrait in the background.


re: How to simulate a moon landing in your kitchen

I knew it! I faked the moon landing! It was me all along!

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

The REAL moon landing was inside you the whole time!


I was going to comment on the lunar landscape but it’s in portrait mode.


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