A topographically accurate lunar globe designed with data From NASA


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Sam Rockwell action figure sold separately.


Man, what a trip. I stumbled upon it about 1/4 into the movie, so I had to watch it again. Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, and Duncan Jones all did a fantastic job.


Maybe someone can start another kickstarter to provide teeny, tiny models of the lunar vehicles and other assorted materiel left on the surface.


Collect them all!


It would appear that accurate, relatively small globes of the moon are only needed by wealthy people…


For $400 you’d think they’d paint it too…


Maybe a touch of orange around the craters.


Well, yes. In my dream John Young and I were driving the lunar rover up to the north and we as we came across a ridge, there was a set of tracks out there in front of us. We asked Houston if we were allowed to follow the tracks. Houston said yes. So, about an hour later we found another lunar rover with two guys on it that looked like me and John. I felt kind of comfortable. I took parts from this other vehicle, to show to the people down at Houston. Now, when being actually on the Moon, we were going north towards our objective which was North Ray crater and as we went over the hill, I recognized, generally, the little valley that I’ve seen in a dream before. But in the dream there was a set of tracks. Of course the tracks were not there! It was so vivid… Yeah I’ve seen this before, or something very similar in the dream I had. The dream was so vivid that when we were landing I looked out of the window to the north to see if there were any tracks on the surface of the Moon! The landscape was very similar to what I have seen in my dream.

Charlie Duke


Pave the planet, Chrome the moon.


There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it’s all dark.


Well, you know, we’ve been on the moon since the fifties. You know about the suppressed transmission, of course?



For that price I expect an actual moon.


How about this one?


No, thats no moon.


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