3D printable, fully articulated Lion Force Voltron


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Oh man, thats going on the BB instagram and Facebook. Credit you?


My son sent it from Hoard of a Few, his production company. Where he found it?


I let you know when the angry email arrives demanding attribution.


Roger That!


Does my little sister still get mad and smash them with her Cabbage Patch Kid?


Yes, and with this final innovation, the reproduction cycle of Voltron is as renewable as the Brassica-born. The war has just begun…


When I was a kid I told my parents I wanted voltron for my birthday, so they bought two pieces of the Vehicle force version and they considered it a done thing and never bought me any more of it. It was a huge disappointment, plus I was never a big fan of that version of it to begin with.



I’ll just leave this here


The first thing I ever bought with my own money was a die-cast lion Voltron.

It had a design flaw wherein moving the legs would strip out one of the screws holding them on. When I returned the first one they gave me a replacement. When I returned the second one, the toy store manager took one off the shelf, moved the legs maybe a half dozen times, and the screw shot out like a bullet (it was held in place with a spring, which in hindsight was probably the problem, the spring acted like a ratchet, overtightening the screw). He sent the remaining stock back and gave me a refund rather than a replacement. I was heartbroken.

This may explain why I have a strange obsession with tap & die sets and an irrational hatred of zinc-aluminum alloy pot metal.



I am honestly terrified that someone is going to ask me to print this for them.


You have a 3d printer? Sweet! Could you print that for me?


Imagine the number of failed builds.


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