Funko's Lion Force Voltron is mighty

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No love for vehicle force voltron.

No reboot shows, no Funko figurines… nothing. :disappointed_relieved:

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I recently found Vehicle Voltron streaming for free on Tubi along with the Lion Voltron and other classics like GI Joe. Yeah it was terrible and I never realized there were 3 sets of 5 vehicles (land, sea, and air) until I rewatched the first epsiode.

Came here for this.
Car Voltron is the One True Voltron.

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I’m pretty certain that’s Voltron: Legendary Defender (the 2016 reboot), rather than Lion Force Voltron. Apart from anything else, the associated Lance, Hunk and Allura dolls have darker skin tones, and while there’s a Shiro, there’s no Sven.

Fun fact: original Voltron exists as a show-within-a-show in the reboot, as a not-completely-accurate dramatisation of the “real” Paladins’ adventures.


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