3D printed "model kits" as Christmas cards

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/12/16/evergreen-gift.html


Woo, that’s me!

ProTip: If you’re going to do this, have multiple printers.

Or reconsider.


Nice work! It looks like the pieces are all flat; have you considered trying a laser-cut version to save time & money on production?


Hey thanks!

This would work really well (and much faster) on a laser cutter. I, unfortunately, don’t have one…although this makes another compelling argument in favor.


I love the old-school look and the new-school execution! Great idea!


These are gorgeous! Also I had the same thought as @Brainspore, albeit to use a Cricut to cut cardstock so it could fit in an envelope.


You do realise that if this gets spotted, they will be mass-produced (in China, probably) and on sale in everyone’s local equivalent of Hallmark, by next Christmas.

I’d certainly buy some. Not sure there is any way you could protect this idea, even if you wanted to, but I love it.


Shink Wawawa must be mentioned as the artist who designed the sleigh and the reindeer - if I’m not mistaken about what “Creative Commons - Attribution” means…


Now that’s something I do have!

Thinking about the models, you would definitely need to scale the slots/through holes a bit, and I suspect the sleigh might be a bit flimsy. I may have to give this a try though.

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Absolutely! They are credited both on the page for the evergreen tree I designed, linked in the reddit comments, and their attribution cards are included in the “manual” I printed to go along with these.

And since you missed one…



Yes, I didn’t see the mention of Shink here, and I posted before reading the original source - my apologies.
And I couldn’t post a third link because of new user limitations :slight_smile:
Thanks for the great idea - one third of a sled is printed by now!


I hope they do! The quality will be better and hopefully they’ll include more/larger trees.

Protecting it isn’t even something that would occur to me- I know I made it first, I would get the bragging rights of seeing it ripped off at scale, and honestly that’s good enough for me :blush:


Good for you!
(I’m just never able to not see the opportunity.)

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I just noticed that your avatar is also toast. Highfive!

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Yes. My avatar used to just be one of those standard letters. I changed it after this:
NRA shenanigans too much for some gun owners (Bear with it - it may be about guns but the toast talk starts early on - and goes on and on.)

Are you bread or toast? Hard to tell - sorry.

In my head it’s always been toast, but TBH it’s more bread like in appearance. Before/After? :smiley:

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3D printers can do 2D ? :astonished:

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Just what we need, more plastic!

The tree is the best bit, you could have left it at that, but it is a sweet idea.

While I like the idea of 3d printing, there already is way too much plastic crap in the world…

please use a biodegradable plastic at least.

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