40 Frazetta book covers at once


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He did a Flashman cover? Well you learn something new every day

He got “The Tritonian Ring” perfectly…

The good old Science Fiction Book Club! Man, how I loved those Burroughs books. I still have them in my bedroom bookcase. They were part of my first shipment from the club; I still remember taking them out of the cardboard box when they finally arrived. They seemed so big to me then. I had chosen them on the order form because (how else!) I liked the covers. Mark, your posts often stir up a strong nostalgia in me.

Oh look, it’s The Return Of Jongor. I need to… uh… I need to go do… uh… something… away from here… bye!

I’ve got eight of those original Conan books. I’ve re-read them many times over the years. I will take them to my grave.
Hopefully that fooker Thoth-Amon won’t pry them from my cold, dead fingers in some Stygian hell pit.

As a philistine who knows next to nothing about illustrations, I mainly associate him with the worst Eowyn disguise ever.

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