400 pages of Judge Dredd available for free

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There was a Judge Dred based tabletop game that worked great with two people
Block Mania.


Damn - I wish we had a multi-volume dump of classic Spiderman, or Ironman, or Fantastic 4, even some Hulk - I’d read that during our Q-time.


You are welcome


Never read Dredd till tonight. Very pulpy - 12-yr old me might have enjoyed. It’s missing a lot of the sophistication of more contemporary comics like Saga or Monstress.

I hope they continue with the more recent film version.

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The stories are from about 1981-82 were originally aimed at 12 year olds or so. So less sophisticated than contemporary comics. Some of the other strips in the comic had a bit more of an adult content. Block Mania and the Apocalypse War were probably influenced by geopolitics of the time.

I preferred 2000AD in '81 compared to the imported DC and Marvel comics. You got more than one story for the money and 2000AD was published weekly plus it was cheaper to the imported books. Around that time Judge Dredd was a daily comic strip in one of the national newspapers, the Daily Star, and I used to read it on my paper round. Some of the other stories I remember liking were D.R. and Quinch, Halo Jones, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, Sláine.

The art looked better/more detailed but as I was only comparing to the few imports we saw, Superman/Hulk/Spiderman, and I haven’t looked at a 81 issue of those comics since then I don’t really remember - don’t quote me on that! In general art quality improved a lot in the 80’s as mass produced color printing became better and cheaper. I loved some of the imports from from '86 onward the work by Bill Sienkiewicz for example. Story lines also improved and became more sophisticated. I never read enough of the US imports to know a full story so cant compare to 2000AD at that time. I don’t remember the '81 books been more sophisticated though.

I will add that there was a nice line in water transfers tattoos in the early 80’s that were popular. We didn’t know who most of the superheros were but they sure looked cool on the hands and arms of us kids.


You might prefer Judge Dredd Megazine it is a more adult-oriented anthology type comic.

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I have a sort of “best of” graphic novel collection and really enjoyed it.

@lostculture - thanks for such a considered response. I did not understand the history here - so this helps me make sense of WTH I was reading.

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@lava - yeah - desperate times call for desperate measures. I do not support the use of sites like this unless absolutely needed. Better to subscribe to the publisher’s electronic services 9.9 times/10.

I have a bunch of old issues from the 70’s through to the early 90’s and my son enjoyed reading them when he was about 10. I have to indoctrinate him with British culture as I don’t live in the UK any more.

I looked through Vol 5 and think that the stories and art work both hold up especially considering their age. But then again I was known to wear a Judge Dredd tshirt and have the Anthrax I am the law picture 7" so may be a bit for a fanboy

There was another game that used a lot of the art work from that period that I still occasionally play:

All the crazy crimes and perps were fun although some are all too real now like Futsies.

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