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Thanks to the author for this. Coincidentally for me I had unearthed a bunch of my own art and writing from the late 70’s early 80’s and found it excruciatingly embarrassing to look at and if I had a fire I would burn it all now.

Weirdly (since I saw the article straight after this demoralizing experience) this pile of bad art and to be fair average writing, was topped by a large photocopy of a close up Johnny Lydon’s face. It was the statement “But despite the stupidity inherent in any teenage/young adult endeavor, there was still a sense of community, of being part of something that was better and more authentic than anything in the mainstream.” that helped me, though “community” isn’t quite what I would call what was going on in my life, that sense of distance from the mainstream definitely was. That and seeing some of the art reproduced in the article. It felt like it balanced out the embarrassment at my own naivety.

I had only unearthed this collection of crap because I was looking for a page I’d ripped out of the British comic 2000AD from around the same time, '79/'80 in which they had reproduced a picture I had sent in to them at the time which was taking the piss out of Judge Dredd - I had done him as a skull head in the Dredd helmet and called him Judge Dedd. It predated Judge Death so I’m not sure whether I was ripped off or it was just a coincidence. Still didn’t find the page, just had to wade through a bunch of painful stuff from the past.

Anyway, that is why I am thanking the author for this article, it helped me feel a bit less awful about my youthful stupidity, and now I can go back to my more seasoned remorse about my older guy stupidity.

Hey! You leave my snot-nosed machismo alone!
/still has skinhead and ridiculous boots

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I still got a pair of purple Doc Martins…

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