Stock photos of menacing punk rockers


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The guy in red looks legit

If you aren’t now, you never were.


fun fact: A rather boring German magazine is called “Business Punk” (motto: play hard, work hard). Additional fun fact: Just look at the first editor in charge.


Hannah Diamond on the left.


Oh, you said menacing!



All of a sudden I feel better about my dorky attempts to look punk in high school.



You realise that the 70s were 35 years ago? How old is the readership of Boingboing supposed to be?


Dude! We don’t need young punks telling us how old we are. Get off my damn lawn.


How young are we supposed to be? Granted, I grew up reading my parents’ Mad comics and magazines…


Needs more GG Allin:


Dude has too many intact teeth.


Worst. Porn movie. Ever.


You kid, but there’s some sick truth to that…

The scary thing is this filthy animal did have young, “punker” girls similar to the one pictured on the left engage in depraved carnal relations with him quite frequently. They flocked to him, actually. There’s probably some old VHS porn videos of those sad sex acts out there that are hopefully degrading in a landfill right now.

Todd Phillips made that Hated documentary on GG long before Todd became rich and famous for his Hangover hit with a cameo from a cocaine-addled Mike Tyson.

Hated showed some GG golden shower exploits taken to an extreme. It’s debatable that GG Allin was coherent enough to realize video was being shot or not, but I think it counts as porn nonetheless. Perhaps even the worst… porn movie… ever.

GG Allin was a supreme asshole on a cosmic level, yet some very attractive-looking women still pushed norms aside to get with him. God only knows all the damage that caused that perhaps reverberates to this day.


Presumably not old enough to remember photos of ‘menacing’ greasers from the 50s?

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Always relevant:


There’s another cohort as well…