'Hugh Hefner meets Mister Magoo' style comedy: Girly Magazine Party at Steve Allen Theater, Feb. 18, LA


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Randee of the Redwoods!



I’m glad Steve Allen has a theater named after him.



I’ve often said “stick to alcohol”. Good advice.

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I take some offense at calling Playboy tasteless. When I was in high school back in the 60/70’s, I subscribed to the magazine (much, I think, to my father’s delight), but I truly read it for the content, not the pics, being a not quite out gay boy. At least at that point, the magazine was GREAT! The best in-depth interviews, period. Other outstanding articles. Gahan Wilson! Chas. Addams (I think). It was a fine mag back then.



Are there going to be boobs?



They have a history of publishing some down right legendary writing. Including a surprising amount of out and out feminist material. But the culture that surrounds all that (and I’m not referring to the nudey bits) can’t really be described as anything but overly macho mid century kitsch. And that’s being charitable. If anything that’s why they’ve been struggling so much since the 90’s. They failed to follow through on their real legacy. Which was all that great writing. And fell behind in terms of the naughty bits. There’s probably an alternate universe out there where Playboy spearheaded the whole ethical porn thing, and kept publishing vital writing.


That gentleman is holding a very nice meerschaum pipe. It does however. Seem unsmoked.

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Plus I hear there are other ways to find pictures of naked women nowadays.



Wait. You mean I don’t need to find it in the woods anymore?

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Ummmm is he Mark Russell’s secret love child?
And speaking of… Gods, I miss his monthly shows on PBS way back when.

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I agree with that, although he had a strangely obsessive dislike of the Beatles.

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Well, sure. Can you blame him? They sang Meredith Wilson’s songs, but none of his!

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Of course. I have the same eyeglasses as Wilson.

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