Hugh Hefner's smoking jacket up for auction


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I rather miss Playboy. Back in the late '60’s - early '70’s it was a great magazine. Amazing interviews. I subscribed in high school (Dad was quite proud) and I only read it for the articles. Really. I’m gay.


I appreciate that the proceeds are going to a worthy charity, but I wouldn’t buy anything from that mansion.



wow, and you subscribed? thanks for taking one for the team. :fist_right:


I am sure Harvey Weinstein has the auctioneer on speedial.


board games

Alas, there is no Settlers of Catan. Or maybe it was tossed after people made the “wood for sheep” joke too many times.

I’m betting the contents of that Twilight game are still shrink-wrapped. Conversely, I reckon Laser Command has seen shenanigans.


I imagine it doesn’t need that mannequin to remain upright.


I was going to go with Ewwwwwwww myself, for that very reason.


I subscribed to the edition that was found in mysterious piles out in the woods.

For the articles. And also the boobies.


Actually, there is an amazing technology available now for cleaning garments.


That thing is a velvet Petri dish.




I was an urban kid and got my porn in other ways, but apparently “woods porn” is A Thing.


Yup. Three different stashes found in my youth. However, too weather-beaten to want to take home.


Wait how do we know that’s the REAL Hugh Hefner jacket? Wasn’t there some kind of mixup with the jacket Larry David bought for his dad a few years ago??? I can’t remember if they ever cleared that one up, this is the phony!!! :laughing:


They published two city editions: the “under the overpass” pile and the “alley trashcan” singles.


Oh. One last thing. When displayed under a blacklight, regions of this garment reveals Jackson Pollockesque artwork!