A portrait of Hugh Hefner made out of his own junk, by mosaic artist Jason Mecier


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/29/a-portrait-of-hugh-hefner-made.html


Yet another BB headline that promises more than it delivers.


I’m actually pretty damned relieved, personally.

Just imagine the desiccated state of 91-year old “junk…”


All those years on the planet and people failed to call him Heufner.
How is that even possible?


Ugh indeed.

But then, I imagine Bathrobe Erectus was popping Viagra and commanding bunnies to ride that turgid pole until the very end.


I kinda hate you right now.


Heh. That pipe of his wasn’t just a pipe, ya know!

and btw, that’s a grate cartoon!




the bbs needs a new type of heart for this kind of comment


I had no idea Hefner owned an ancient Chinese sea vessel.


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