42 rich white people account for 1/3 of Super PAC spending

Sociopaths find a natural home in conservative ideology and in today’s KockBros funded TeaBaggerGOP. I haven’t met a single hardcore conservative capable of feeling compassion for any other living being, human or otherwise.

Sociopaths are evil, nasty and mean-spirited. Too bad there’s a political party that welcomes them with open arms.


The problem is that many non-sociopaths agree with these people.


Not only that, but most so-called conservatives can’t debate to save their lives, since they usually don’t actually know or understand what cultural traditions they are supposedly “conserving”. Instead they just saturate the media landscape with reactionary bullshit, such as avoiding difficult issues, and finding vague “enemies” everywhere. The very enemies who “demonstrably” threaten their strangely inexplicable ideals.


What’s so surprising about this? Everyone has heard the adage that it takes money to make money.

Is it so surprising that this is a lucrative investment?

Well, it worked for the Romans a handful of times. >.<

Lol. SJW and the white folk hate. Way to go.

Too bad that money isn’t going directly into supporting sustainable non-fossil fuel energy…

Not tired of time traveling to the future yet?

Very true. One could buy quite a lot of research and development for that amount of cash.

I am not pointing Papasan out in particular but a general discomfort over hearing this name has been growing on me. Aren’t we, especially in this community, past using what is either a homophobic or misogynistic joke name? Even using this now dated joke ironically against party platform homophobes seems a bit schoolyard and deprecatory to intelligent discourse.

Lolololol. Signing up just to post a comment like that. Way to go!

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Tiger Woods?

Is Herman Cain a billionaire? I know he is a CEO, but it’s Little Caesars, the last resort pizzeria.

If it were 4, would it really be much better?

So far as I can tell, it’s only Winfrey, anyway.

Edit: seems like Jordan was added later (and I know Woods was described as one before his marital issues).


9/1645 billionaires worldwide. Now, I’d be much happier if there were 0 billonaires, but since we seem to be stuck with them, that seems a little…disproportionate.


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