Who funds the "Millennials Rising" Super PAC? Rich old men


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From the linked article:

C. W. Lucas Agnew, the 22-year-old founder of Millennials Rising, has donated $230. Agnew is currently a staff assistant on the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

There’s $54,960 in the PAC, and the founder started it with $230. Uh-huh.


Agnew, eh?

I wouldn’t trust that guy.


Maybe not a “dark-money-spouting Super PAC”. Slightly dampened by dark-money Super PAC?



Who else is going to fund it? We’re always hearing about how millenials have no money. Also which millenials are rising for Jeb? The ones pushing 35 or the ones in middle school?

I’m so confused.


This is why I refuse to vote for anyone white, or anyone over 50.


These palookas do know that a Bush Co # 3 ain’t happening, don’t they?


Serious question: wasn’t one of the whole points of SuperPACs was that they didn’t have to disclose their donor lists? Why do these old white men keep being so open about being the only people to donate to “Millennial” or “Black American” PACs? Just hubris? Or maybe I’m confused about SuperPACs.


I’m willing to bet that “95% funded by rich white guys over the age of 60” is true for pretty much EVERY superPAC


Duh - Millennials don’t have money.


Is $200 a big honking deal then? I thought that American elections were so corrupt that one talked billions, not hundreds.


I thought the point about $200 was how LITTLE it is, especially compared to the funding from Rich old men.


Aren’t the naming rules for super PACs pretty similar to the naming rules for communist dictatorships? Not only is almost every word required to be a lie; it has to be as close to the opposite of truth as possible; and the more positive it sounds, the more certain you can be that you never, ever, want to end up there.


There is probably at least one that caters to under-50 VC and finance bros who fancy themselves ‘libertarian’. Might even have an Indian or southeast Asian dude involved in some capacity!


Yes, and also that the founder doesn’t seem to be all that passionate about his own creation if he isn’t willing to put in even a whole $250 to start it. It’s almost like he’s just the front man for an organization in name only. Hmmm…


The hell you say.



I never see news of the opposite though. where’s the “American Institute for Family Values” run by a bunch of free-range hippies, or a “Economic and Business Development Bureau” filled with sociology students?

(FWIW, I don’t mean to be disparaging. I count many free-range hippies and interesting sociology students among my friends) ((Oh god, I can’t stop, the parodies just write themselves))


I know that was tongue in cheek. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What they want is to make their candidates, the ones that have all their strings pulled to support rich white interests, APPEAR to be supported by a more diverse population. They are attempting to mask the puppeteers. This is one of the ways that the minority with power keep all the power.