48 reasons babies are tiny drunk people


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I shot snot out’a my nose laughing. Thanks BB!


Classic video demonstrating babies’ behavior is indistinguishable from that of drunk people:


Is it part of the social compact that we not mention that the obverse is the truer statement?

also, yay for funny babies!


Are reasons #49 through 100 that they’re completely insufferable unless you’re completely drunk.


Breast milk from drunk mommies? :baby_bottle:


Kids are the best. And the worst. But mostly the best.


since partaking of the substance, I’ve always thought they were on acid


Yes, they are way too random and unpredictable for regular drunks, babies are constantly tripping balls.


Am I the only one who looked at this and thought Matt Damon?


This is my daughter and the photo I refer to as, ‘Mornings are hard for everyone.’


Jason Statham


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