Drunk parents appear as grotesque monsters in this creepy PSA

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Well then I would have had either Nick and Nora Charles, or Gomez and Morticia Addams.


My imaginary dad could beat up your imaginary dad.


Powerful ads. But a bit of advice. If you want that first video hit close to home for americans, they should have edited in dialog of the adults blaming Obama for everything at least one third of the time.


Believe there was a Twilight Zone about this…

Yes there was - The Children’s Zoo. Only can find a German version.

Also - my kid says I’m a fun drunk.

I keed, I keed. I am a social drinker so I only drink when she does.

Finally - reminds me of this song:


These are truly great. There’s an incredible disconnect between how drunk parents perceive themselves - social, effervescent, charming, “fun” - and how they actually behave. It’s ten times worse when they are alone with their kids. I connected with it almost instantly.

The problem, as I see it, is that people who “have had a few drinks” find it absolutely impossible to see themselves this way. Impossible, impossible, impossible. You could chain them in front of a video of themselves being unintelligible red faced tantrum drunk, and they will deny it out of existence.

Alcohol is an addiction. Early on, it’s a choice, but by the time your parent becomes one of these monsters that game is over.


You hit them nails squarely, pal. 50 years on and (maybe) a recovery later they’d like their accolades for a job well done. Christmas … brrr - what a minefield that was.


My parents still don’t understand, after guilt-tripping me out of most of the money from my first three professional-level jobs for bill money that they ultimately used on drinks and trying to make me a drinker since I was 12 and a thousand “tiny” physical injuries of negligence, why I don’t want to be around them now. What they remember is being an awesome parent who “sacrificed everything” to “give me everything” not the two decades of drinking and drug use.

It’s funny, I actually cringed when I saw the rabbit-head thing because its features looked so much like my mother when she’s drunk. The snaggle teeth stuck in perpetual dumb-smile, the bug-eyes bulging out thoughtlessly at you, the sweaty complexion, ugh. Exact.

I really don’t buy the “addiction” mindset in all cases, though. My parents spent my entire childhood never touching a drink all week long, suddenly not needing a drop when Monday rolled around, and then drinking themselves into a drooling stupor from Friday to Sunday. Their parents did exactly the same thing, and when they joined AA they announced themselves “addicts” and suddenly everyone was supposed to just automatically forgive them and want to be around them all the time because they had apparently been powerless and without the ability to choose before so nothing that happened before was their fault.

When a person can seemingly start and stop whenever they feel like and they actively arrange their lives around their desire to be drunk, like so many weekend drinkers, I just can’t view it as a legitimate addiction. The effects of their choice, though, do seem to easily spill out into the rest of their lives as they slowly lose the ability to fully react to, or give a crap about, their children’s needs.

I am so glad that I see so many people breaking this cycle and not giving into this lifestyle that’s seemingly pressured onto so many people.


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