5 books that bust the myths of drug writing

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Reading Junkie when I was young put me off ever even trying heroin. Definitely not romanticized.

Sherlock Holmes and Heroin. Nero Wolfe and food.

Though I guess one could say these are exceptions that prove the rule.

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Although Holmes’ vice was cocaine rather than heroin.


Isn’t that only 4 books?

No, there are two Sara Gran books on there. (I wrote the piece, btw.)


Another sausage fest:

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Ah, interesting, I didn’t realize. I got it in my head it was heroin from a long ago memory of seeing Jeremy Brett’s Holmes shoot up something.

It’s a fact I can’t help but point out whenever anyone mentions Robert Downey Junior’s stint as Holmes. :grinning:

“Five books that are tepid at best and a couple paragraphs whining about books that unlike the five listed, are actually somewhat enjoyable.”

Yikes. Who peed in your Cheerios?

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