Inspector of the Dead, a Victorian era thriller with an opium-addicted hero




Sounds like it has some interesting parallels with From Hell (the movie anyway, I never read the original Alan Moore graphic novel). I wonder if they’ll get Johnny Depp to play the opium-addicted inspector again.


“Coke is dead as… Dead. Heroin, its coming back in a big way.”

(Don’t tell sherlock)


I wouldn’t recommend the Rambo books, though the first isn’t bad (First Blood). However, Brotherhood of the Rose, an early work, is the best page-turner I have ever read.


Rambo novel, singular–the movies notwithstanding, there were no proper sequels, despite Morrell’s novelizations of the scripts of the movie sequels. First Blood itself is an excellent thriller, thanks in part to the mentoring that Morrell received from the late Phil Klass, aka William Tenn, while he was at Penn State.


Sounds fun, but I need to know in advance, do any of the characters give directions in “blocks”; i.e: “The gaff is three blocks down Fleet Street!” This seems to be a common blind spot for American authors writing stories featuring British characters and it annoys me to a quite irrational degree.


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