5-minute documentary about the fantastic art of Norwegian master Theodor Kittelsen

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I can see his influence on later children’s artists and illustrators like Maurice Sendak and Mercer Mayer.

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A simple rule of thumb; trolls move at night and should they fail to return to the netherworld before sunrise they will be caught by the sun’s rays and instantly turn into stone. Moreover, there are no rock formations that were not at some point a troll, basically the troll petrification process is how mountains are created. This has been going on repeatedly since the beginning of time, i.e. every time a troll is turned into rock by the sun it will fuse with the rock formations already there. Trolls on top of trolls, so to speak.
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Now take a fresh look at your surroundings and enjoy :slight_smile:


That was a particularly touching video - thank you Dr Beschizza. (hmm, “Kittelsen”… so my lutefisk sandwich says he suffered some Danish influence for that “-sen” (rather than some Swedish “-son”))

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