5 tips for saving money at Target


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This is… not satire, is it? It’s just product placement?


Lazy posting. Description is tone-deaf to audience, no quotes, etc. Content is barely proximal to the ‘Mostly Wonderful’ scale.


Lately I feel like the ratio of “mostly wonderful” to “terribly awful” has gotten out of whack…


My secret for saving money at Target is to never go without a list, and therefore avoiding buying a lot of useless junk I don’t actually need. I have better things to do with my life than wait around for sales and hold out hope for a price tag ending in 4. If you need it, get it, and if you don’t, buying it on sale only “saves you money” if you’re actually going to use it. Most of that crap she’s buying will end up in a landfill anyway.

But, yeah, the quality of this post is not what I’ve come to expect from BB.


So…the TL:DR version of this stupid video is…USE COMMON SENSE.


Well, on the bright side, I’ll bet What’s Up Moms earns Kathryn a bundle!

  1. Don’t buy things at Target.

I say that only half joking. I saw like a decorative wooden platter that went from 25 dollars once and I was thinking I could find it cheaper at the lumberyard and sand it down myself. Seriously, Target is a big money pit outside of maybe a handful of items.


Yeah, the only good callout was the high profit margin items like the cards, decor, furniture.

I did enjoy how one of the items was, “They price match with Amazon!”. Which somehow still involves a trip to Target for some reason, instead of staying home and not paying for the gas or taxes…


I mean isn’t that how basically all furniture works?

Also yeah throwing this in the camp of ‘wow, this is on BB’?

Has anyone found a good replacement site that follows the original BB mission?


So! excited! about! . . . Target??


Where I live, it’s where cleaning chemicals, paper products and personal care products cost the least. Fortunately, it’s next door to the grocery, so I’m doing extra driving, just extra walking.


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That woman is way too enthusiastic.
I couldn’t watch.


You sound disappointed?


Agreed. Her reminder about “Hey if the item you bought goes on sale within the next 3 weeks, you can get the difference back”

Which is great, but not often worth it for small items…only for larger purchase items.

Also…shelf stable grocery items at Target are perfectly fine…though I find our local Stop and Shop is always cheaper. For fresh/perishable grocery items…HELL NO. Target’s quality is way lower and selection much more limited.


Move to Canada…


Please, please, please tell me that this was accidentally posted without a “sponsored content” label? This is just a commercial for Target.

I just saw a child hold up a smartphone and gasp, “we need to go back!” That’s all the capitalist indoctrination I need for the day.


Target’s produce/perishables are only marginally better than those found in “rural walmart” dollar stores. Kind of bizarre given that they try to position themselves as upscale relative to the other gargantuan retail conglomerates.


It really would be interesting to know whether Target paid her to do this video. . .