Save 35% on up to 5 pairs of one of a kind socks from Happy Socks


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At a minimum they seem to be two of a kind.


Or are we stocking-up?


Call me a denier, but nothing hoses a thread like shoehorning puns into it.




Only a heel would call you that.


If I refer to the sole-less push for consumerism, will it bait and hook @japhroaig and end up drowning us in fish puns?


In all seriousness, I am utterly confused.

Is the deal that if one spends $39 on socks at the BB site, one can then go to the Happy Socks site and get $60-worth of (more) socks for free?

I know a wonderful copy editor who is currently underemployed…hint, hint.


“Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don’t help.”



C’mon, not even a sockeye salmon riff?


Don’t I have to behave myself after all the Carp I’ve been given? Haven’t I breem behaving my-spelt?


This is eellegal, isn’t it?


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