Upgrade your sock drawer with these all-season bamboo yarn socks

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When boing boing intimates a “sale” do you do it with every bit of sarcasm and incredulity as I think you should be doing it?

These are socks and yet your ad gleefully says stuff like " These sets of dress socks are on sale starting at $129.99, but you can get an extra 15% off when you use the coupon PRESIDENT15 at checkout, lowering the final price for a 6-pack to just $110.49!"

The fact that you advertise this nonsense at this price and think that this is a “good deal” is amazing to me. SIX PAIRS OF SOCKS FOR $110??? ARE YOU HIGH OR DID YOU JUST SMOKE THE SOCKS?

Keeping it classy, huh, boingboing in your shilling of products.

What’s your cut of this “incredibly” (bad) deal?


And WTF are ‘dress socks’? Probably just what normal people call ‘socks’.

As opposed to ‘undress socks’?

$20 for a pair of rayon socks. Nice.

@frauenfelder, if you ever start a list of people dispappointed in @boingboingshop, I’d be glad to be a charter member.


For formal wear. Like “dress shoes”.
Should end just below the knee in order to prevent exposing a bit of skin that will look like an uncooked chicken straight from the freezer when crossing your legs.

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Tosh. I wear ‘socks’ whether I’m dressed ‘formally’ or not. Dinner jacket/suit, work suit, ripped jeans, smart chinos, workman’s trousers, shorts, you name it - on my feet in all cases are just ‘socks’. And these highly patterned ‘socks’ are just plain ordinary common or garden socks. Formal socks, my arse. This is just marketing wankers’ rhetoric to ‘dress’ up a perfectly standard item of everyday wear.

/rant :wink:

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the store might be cooler if BB would ask us what we want for them to sell to us.

I never had him down as a marketing wanker. :wink:

We have 3 sets of bamboo bedsheets, and they’re wonderful. 2 are heavier weight, V soft, warm in winter, but are still fine for summer. The lightweight ones are OK for winter & brilliant during the summer. The heavier ones do wrinkle a great deal, making the bottom sheets hard to fit onto thick mattresses. (Maybe that’s why ours were so inexpensive.) I’d suggest moderately deep pocket ones for reg’lar mattresses, and extra-deep pockets for thicker mattresses.

Look for decent prices, and try to check 'em out in person. They really are lovely.

Bamboo grows like a weed and has a zillion uses. It should replace the more intensively-grown materials, the ones that “need” horrid pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

I’d love to have bamboo fabrics in my wardrobe, but haven’t yet found any truly affordable things.

Upgrade? No thanks. I’m quite satisfied with my sock drawer 2.0

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I’ve got some thick bamboo worksocks.

  1. They’re very comfy.

  2. They take forever to dry. More than a day unless it’s ultra-sunny.

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Can we please not associate red socks with anything other than baseball which ranges from mediocre to excellent? I don’t want to have to rehabilitate another article of clothing after someone tries to make it great again and then ends up making them worse, thanks…

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