50 Superb Owls near San Francisco


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These superb owls were in a nest in my neighborhood


This is a superb owl I saw in Florida (at Disney World)


And last, but not least, this is a superb (burrowing) owl I saw in Arizona:


My friend Melissa Gay draws a Superb Owl

Surprisingly affordable - I follow her on Facebook for her sketch events and own three of her drawings and two paintings.



That decanter is awesome!


Reminds me of our house when I was a kid… Ma had owls everywhere.


Is it too early in the day to drink? Seeing superb owls makes me want to have a beer.


choose your own time!


Bonus points if anyone happens to have or recognize one of these superb owls.


Post & Taylor street:


ha, same here : )


This superb owl blew past me (very near the Atlantic Ocean) about a year ago.


Much better than the creepy clowns that my friend’s mother had everywhere.


“Why the hell do you think they call it a Burrow Owl anyway!?”



Must have.


but this isn’t a USB charger. I’m confused.


In America one may have several hobbies.