Superb Owl 2017


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That is more entertaining than that game thing that happens today!


I thought this post was hilarious so I sent it to my partner, who promptly informed me that there are no pitchers in the Super Bowl, that’s another sport altogether. Welp, shows what I know.



Would it be wise to use it for kool-ade?


Meerkat wannabes agree.


Look for Scientology’s “Superb Owl ad” at 1:19 pm Eastern in some areas. (It’s not a real Superb Owl ad, just cheap regional slots.)


As many times as I’ve seen that gif here on the BBS (and still enjoy it every time, I might add :slight_smile:) I never noticed that cat walking in the background outdoors, at the upper left, until just now.


Huh. Y’know, if you hadn’t told me it’s an owl, I would’ve assumed it contains raw chicken…




I was going to write that same comment almost word for word.



I have never read it as “Superb Owl” before. Now, I always shall. I am not sure why, but I feel you have fixed something within me, and I thank you for it.


It seems cruel to so closely associate a nocturnal, light-sensitive owl, especially a Superb Owl, with a Sun Day.



I saw “Super Bowels”. Really, no shit.


I would like to give you more likes for that. It feels really good to laugh out loud lately. :slight_smile:



SuperB owl(s).