50 years later, FBI finally IDs murder victim known as "Lady of the Dunes"

Originally published at: 50 years later, FBI finally IDs murder victim known as "Lady of the Dunes" | Boing Boing


Given the location at an LGBT vacation town; I have to wonder if it was a hate crime.


Strong possibility…


Hmm, maybe let the name “The Cross-Dressing Cannibal” die in this modern age?

Also, wtf is the point of posting a murder site photo like that?


HAH! “Die.” I get it. But, no, it’s wrong to wite-out the historical record. That’s not a nickname we’d use now, but it’s what they used then.

And there’s nothing wrong with the photo. The story is about that murder site and that body. It’s pertinent, accurate, informative, interesting, even respectful—if you weren’t told it was a body, you’d think it was a root. All the things we say we expect out of good journalism. (It’s also a hell of a lot better than another Mid-Journey fake-up.) To say “wtf” about it is more than a little over-reactive.


FWIW it doesn’t seem that that serial killer struggled with any sort of gender dysphoria, but rather, had a full-on Psycho-style origin story and did indeed cross-dress while killing, and also eat human body parts. So, in addition to the historical accuracy … it is a weirdly accurate descriptor?

I think that it plays in to a long history of linking transvestism and transgenderism with a bogeyman narrative. Why not call the suspected killer, Hadden Clarke? As far as his “cross-dressing” goes, it appears that he disguised himself as a murder victim to make it look like she left the murder scene alive. I’ve only had a cursory look at his history, so there may be more to it than that; but, currently, I’m not convinced there is much to be gained from that sensationalist lable.


That’s a fair assessment! I was just trying to provide some quick backstory on the whole story, and Clark’s story did at least seem like something interesting but tangential that was worth linking it.


No worries. You heard me out and gave a polite reply; thank you :+1:


Ain’t no one calling someone the cisgender serial killer.

One doesn’t need a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to be in the extended trans community. I certainly haven’t had gender dysphoria since transitioning decades ago. And just having a non cisgender gender expression isn’t a diagnosis of dysphoria; but you can still be part of the community.


I don’t want to say I’m “disappointed,” but …


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