6 additional women at Tesla's Fremont facility sue for sexual harassment

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Musk tweets out the childish, sexist stuff; Time makes him person of the year.

Apparently being a good human being isn’t worthy of attention.


Says more about the state of things at Time Magazine than anything positive about Pedo Guy.


The recognition is theoretically supposed to go to whoever made a major impact in the world that year, whether they are good or bad. That’s why people like Hitler and Stalin got the recognition.

In practice however the magazine has tended to pick people who are recognizable crowdpleasers rather than whoever had an actual impact on the course of the years events. By any reasonable measure Osama bin Laden had a bigger impact on the global stage in 2001 than Rudy Giuliani did, but Time knew that wouldn’t fly with their readers.

If it were up to me the person of the year would’ve been someone like Dr. Katalin Karikó, whose groundbreaking mRNA research gave us the technology to develop the COVID-19 vaccines.


Which I totally think is fine. Except what major impact did Musk make this year? I can’t think of a single one other than trying to tank his own stock, which I don’t think rises to the Stalin/Hitler level of impact.


Huge carbon footprint for the guy some jerk on here was calling an environmental savior? Perhaps his tweets. I read a few lines and Time mentioned him pooping in the first paragraph or two, so I figured it was too academic.


I mean, that is the case for most people of the year.

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Right, that’s my point too. The guy is more of a showboater more than an actual revolutionary but Time magazine knows that their readership will recognize him as that billionaire guy who is always on TV and just started sending tourists into orbit.

By contrast Dr. Katalin Karikó’s research impacted literally billions of lives this year, but relatively few know her name and even fewer would recognize her face. Though honestly it’s probably just as well that the magazine didn’t pick her since that publicity would almost certainly destroy her life in the current political environment.


I love watching the progress with Falcon 9 and Starship and I am excited about future developments in Space, not just with SpaceX.

There is a lot of arsehole behaviour from Elon though and that desperately needs to get sorted out. I want his companies to be models to aspire to.

Musk became the world’s richest man. Just think about the things that could be done with 300 billion dollars…and they aren’t, all because of him. How much more impact do you need?


That would be a lot easier if he was ousted as a CEO.


I’ve noticed Time today looks a lot like Newsweek from 40 years ago

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