Who Time Magazine should award Person of the Year to


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Well… since Time is now more-or-less a Koch Brother Propoerty, I vote for The Coal Miner!


The K Bros would put Ayn Rand on the cover for sure.


Add in one or more of Turnip’s accusers, and it’ll be a winner.


Give it to Robert Mueller.

Although Angela Merkel, leader of the free world, may be another good choice.


Russian twitter and facebook bots


While it does appear that 45’s cranial volume is approximately normal, I submit his cerebral mass is probably too small to make the kind of mess you’re suggesting.


Play it safe. Go with “Moms”. The are the people of the year every year!


Id love to see Trumps face if it turned out to be Putin. lol


My vote: Assange and Putin.
My suspicion is that Person of the Year will go to the #MeToo women.


The Coal Miner? That’s actually a pretty solid idea. There are so many things they could write about using the coal miner as a theme to tie it all together. Very nice.


A vote for Antifa from me.

Who had heard of them before this year, other than the far-left?


In a just world:


Most people - especially Trump - think that this award is for being the ”best” at something, but it’s simply for being the most influential - that could be good OR bad. Many past recipients were not good people.

I’d say that Putin should win it this year.


I assume that everyone else has

2006 Time’s Person of the Year

as a resume bullet point, too.


I’d say that the Man of the Year from 1938 has influenced the news more than he has since the 40s. Time for Hitler to be Person of the Year again.


It would be like Dealy Plaza but less violent.


Yeah - It’s Putin.


Someone mentioned the #metoo movement, honestly I think that might be it. I think it would be an excellent choice.


You can actually vote:

And you can vote for more than one.