6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff

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Second this recommendation - looking forward to the sequel now!


Third’d. That movie was awesome.

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Wait, Netflix’s DVD service still exists?

I mean, it was never available on Garbage Island anyway, but that’s like hearing you can still send telegrams at the post office.


Fourth’d, though add that it is hardly an obscure movie (and the novel was an enormous international bestseller), also that it is also on Amazon Prime. Catch it before the American remake with Will Ferrell kills it.

For those who liked it I also strongly recommend A Man Called Ove. Catch that one before the American remake with Tom Hanks kills it.


Not without precedent! “Let the Right One In” > “Let Me In”. The remake was just awful. But not as bad as the American “Old Boy”, however.

Why do my countrymen have such a problem watching movies with subtitles, or that are filled with non-white people?

/me looks at presidential twitter account

Oh OK yeah. I see now.


The irony of course is that nearly everyone in Sweden speaks perfect English.

Remakes aren’t necessarily bad, but there are just too many instances where the horrendousness of the remake killed the original. For example, there is a phenomenal French writer/director named Francis Veber who has written and/or directed several of the funniest movies ever made in any language. Almost every one of them is only known in the US by the American remake, and every one of the remakes is grossly inferior to the original.

The remakes of these two Swedish movies will apparently have the same titles as the originals. Guess which one will actually be on the TV when the title appears in the TV Guide?


I’m kinda disappointed* that there is no mention in the article about the fact that this movie is based on a book. I read the book, did not see the movie yet, I guess I should see it.

*don’t worry, I’m not that disappointed

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I think they should run a couple of text ads to monetize it —Mark Frauenfelder

Let’s hope they don’t use BoingBoing’s advertisement system. The injected ads into content and the audio advertisements are horrendous!

a little slice of heaven. Almost makes up for the content :wink:

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