6 days until the EU votes on an extinction-level event for the internet: here's what they'll debate

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Extinction-level event? For who? The big centralized services will be hit and adapt and just put up even more dreck. New systems will emerge to fill the void that these laws will create and they will then be sucked into the maw of the centralized services and then the EU will find a way of shutting them down as well. This is not extinction, it’s an arms race.

Maybe this will just result in a third popup on all websites…


What i absolutely loathe about the new GDPR rules is that the default for every website is you’ve already opted in to all their tracking crap so you have to go through the options to opt-out of the ones you’re allowed to. Clear your cookies and cache, use private browsing or a privacy conscious browser? Tough luck, you gotta do it all over again! It’s a nice little loophole for them, isn’t it?


extinction-level event for the internet

that sounds dramatic.

‘Hysterical’ seems like a better description. What’s happening in M. Doctorow’s head?

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Fuck copyright maximalism.

This places a huge undue burden on operators of forums, on webhosts in general, and literally any site that allows you to choose an avatar image. It also acts as a convenient dump for espionage services to hoover up documents when small operators inevitably turn to government filter APIs to fulfil these asinine requirements.

Not only that, it gives corporations gigantic, unchecked power over the internet - good luck uploading that sick remix of Chopin cuz Colombia Records happens to own a recording of a performance.

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