6-step guide to designing your own hipster logo


Bam! August 1, 2013.


Mark’s thread is more authentic.


Well, shit. I designed my company logo without any of that. I suppose I could have included artisanal, because part of it was hand drawn, but that ship has sailed. Maybe I won’t be hired by hipsters. What ever will I do? Sigh.

On a somewhat unrelated note I always misspell artisanal the first time, but I just realized artisanal = art.is.anal. I’ll remember it now, but it still looks wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use Comic Sans, but only if it's obvious that you're using it ironically.


Oh good, another inoffensive thing that I’m not allowed to like anymore.

Oooh, I bet I can make a bunch of heads explode if I walk into Internet Fashion Police HQ wearing one of these logos on a fedora.

Whoever you are, I love you.


I smell t-shirt!

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I think Rob suddenly started hating this link.

Here’s a nice one, straight from Portland.

Or you could just use “Canva”, lol.

No no, not a fedora… a trilby.

And really, I just came in here because I found it humourous that my work’s web filter blocks the linked site

The link you are accessing has been blocked by the Barracuda Web Filter because it contains content belonging to the category of: Malicious Sites 

I mean, ok, it is poking fun at hipsters a little bit… But I’m not sure it’s really THAT malicious.

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