Make your own hipster logo


I see what you did there. I find it ironic that they make and sell things I would use here living in the mountains, but their stores are in NYC.

Very hip… Isn’t putting everything askew just an older hip design trend? Is that late 80’s?

It’s funny to laugh at “hipsterism” but the truth is that you can do a similar poster with just about any design “aesthetic.” That’s what makes it a cohesive aesthetic in the first place. It has rules that people follow. Logo design and graphic design in general always go through trends and phases. Part of it is what clients want, part of it is designers looking within their own ranks for inspiration, what’s the “next big idea?” Very few people are endless fonts of unique creativity. And we’re all taught in school that it’s ok to borrow, appropriate, use, incorporate, remix, recycle, and otherwise steal ideas and concepts to suit our own needs, so things get pretty derivative pretty quickly. Cliche’s develop, and then people buck the trend just for its own sake.


See if you can get the bosses to let you do a site redesign for a week…

So does “hipster” actually even mean anything anymore, or is it just an excuse for yet more nerd tribalism? God knows we need more nerd tribalism, it’s certainly making the world a better place. Oh, shit, does sarcasm make me a hipster?

Also, pretty sure you don’t get to lecture anyone about authenticity when every third slide in your slideshow is a sponsor ad.

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No All-Caps Trade Gothic in the Font choices? I kind of feel like if you want to go the annoying-wannabe-hipster route, that should be your first choice.

I will return later with the results of my hipster logo quest.

I’ve been thinking about making a documentary or website or something explaining what a hipster is. I’m amazed how many people don’t know what one is, and have ended up spending a kind of weird amount of time thinking about it.

I’m kind of curious what your definition is. The closest I can come is “someone who’s irritatingly smug and superior about their non-mainstream interests and/or has an unseemly obsession with irony,” which is still pretty damn vague; and people have gone on to weld basically every hobby, fashion, taste, or interest you can imagine onto it.

My favorite practical definition of hipster is “someone who gives a shit whether something is ‘hipster’ or not.”


Good laughs. Choose over 65 and using library computer on the survey. It wouldn’t allow retake the hip test. Fucking fascists.

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