Hipsterbait1: algorithmically generated post-ironic tees


Shut up and take my money?

I could swear Bruce Sterling wrote a short story about tchotchkes that were generated from CAD files for old products, without human intervention, and sold from a kiosk.

Doesn’t this already exist and is currently listing a million or two products on Amazon? You can see stuff like "Keep Calm and " shirts that are demand printed when you order them.

It cause some unfortunate situations:


Not quite the same thing, but similar in ways, yeah. Automation of t-shirt design, but in different ways and to different ends.

I’m almost sold; but are these artisinal enough? Maybe the bot could automatically discontinue a given design after a limited number are sold, therebye ensuring scarcity (almost as good as authenticity) for a given design?


Does post-ironic just mean exceptionally cynical?


Are the post-'s cyclical? After enough do you circle back around to pure uncut irony?

Because… reasons.


What I don’t understand is, if it’s “algorithmically generated” where is the button to cycle the algorithm?

If it is done by the author, and he only puts out one a day, why?  Does he have to review them to see if they make sense?  If so, why the algorithm?

No understando…

I’ve been wondering that too with the rise of the use of the phrase “<doing something> ironically”.

What is ironic about watching a movie/wearing a mustache/listening to a band?

The Irony is the unifying element for apolitical counterculture.
It is the protection of identity as something that can be declared without having to actually work at it, its also the acknowledgement that the Hippies failed but we still think they were cool anyway.

It is, in my opinion, an attempt to understand the state of the world as a post modernist construct, where truth is not just subjective, but can be disregarded completely.

Isn’t it after all ironic that those that most want to save the world are in the position to want to save the world because they are the ones destroying it?
An ironic culture can’t help but arise from people who both understand this dilemma and yet find themselves powerless to do anything about it.

Edit: I realize i did not address your question directly:

The irony is in purposefully avoiding the coolness factor of something and embracing uncool, the narrative goes:
Handlebar mustaches are uncool, so I’ll wear an uncool mustache because in my group, this shows that I am cool. Of course you CAN’T cop to it being uncool in the first place because then you’re instantly uncool yourself, which leads to much madness to stunned observers.


That is going to make so much money.

Lou Reed / Katy Perry would totally work. When can I buy that one?

Why does this remind me of this?


The irony is that hipsters don’t know what irony means.

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It’s like rain on your wedding day
It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take…


Hey, thank you. I think I get it now!

Hipster irony implosion: http://www.cafepress.com/hipsterfree.1228082339

I think ‘ironic’ is being contrasted with ‘genuine’ or ‘sincere’ here. Listening to Band Z ironically means you’re doing it for some reason other than ‘I genuinely enjoy listening to Band Z’s music’. As used by hipsters, there’s a large dose of elitism/snobbery involved; the rationale is something like: 1) Only Tasteless Commoners enjoy Band Z; 2) I enjoy Band Z; 3) If I claim to only listen to Band Z ironically, I can avoid being a Tasteless Commoner myself, without having to give up listening to Band Z.