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Wut. I mean, seriously. WUT. Are these like algorithmically generated nonsense shirts photoshopped onto actual people (or worn as jokes)? Are they real, inexplicable shirts that real people wear for totally inexplicable reasons that probably involve some serious brain damage at some point?


Please enjoy in addition to this.

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I think the sling mud one looks like an actual t-shirt stupid people I have known would buy and think were cool.

Maybe the rest of them are extremely long tail. I mean there must be someone somewhere for whom Domino’s pizza is the epitome of hard work.


So algorithmically generated t-shirts that someone actually bought, for reasons unknown?

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I think some are algorithmically generated t-shirts that someone bought for reasons unknown, some are real made by humans stupid t-shirts that someone bought for reasons unknown, and some are either stupid t-shirts that someone photoshopped onto people’s bodies or algorithmically generated t-shirts that were photoshopped onto people’s bodies - like that one about the miner from the 1800s or whatever it was. I think someone made a stupid one to match the sign and then photoshopped it.

I once bought a fake tintin t-shirt that was obviously fake because it mashed up 3 different stories and had vampire bats flying out of the castle of Craig Dhui. I had to have it, it was so bad.


Food service is no joke.

Related: I was looking for a camera strap on Amazon the other day and ended up being too confused by this guy’s T-shirt to continue shopping.


Pretty much. With all these print on demand services you’re better off going for quantity over quality when designing shirts.

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NGL, I’d buy the Domino’s one for sheer IRL trolling and headturning value.

This is BB re-reposting algorithmically generated content. We should automate a Facebook page that aggregates BB reposts of Facebook and Twitter posts, so that BB can repost that as well.

And then we should replace ourselves with algorithms.


I’d pay a subscription to see procedurallly-generated BB posts!

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Soooo, pics of said Tintin treasure, or what?

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or what, that shirt got worn to tatters years ago. also my Christiania Tintin t-shirt where him and captain Haddock are smoking it up.

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Yeah. I’d probably post comments in the forums, too. :slightly_frowning_face:

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There was a time when, upon seeing a t-shirt like that, one could be pretty certain that it came from Japan. (During the '80s and '90s, they loved putting nonsense English text on t-shirts.) Now, however…


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