Ambient "hipster" lifestyle soundtracks


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I think I’m officially tired of the term “hipster”. There doesn’t seem to be a generally held definition other than “people you should dislike because they’re pretentious in their non-pretention” or somesuch, oh and maybe they have beards, or glasses, or shirts with certain patterns. And now coffee shops are hipster sites? Is there someone here who doesn’t go to a coffee shop sometimes?



Or you could call it: “coffee house din”


I think the best one I have heard is

someone under 40 who wears clothes.

I don’t know were it came from though.


When were coffee shops not hipster?


That’s some good ambience.
For myself, my ambient hipster lifestyle soundtrack is made up of a whole lot of vaporwave, but I guess it takes all types (to create a suitably ambiguous caricature almost anyone could hate).


Careful there! You don’t meet nice girls in coffee shops.


Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb! Rhubarb – rhubarb rhubarb.



I prefer peas and carrots myself.



(Is that a This Heat reference?)


As probably no one would refer to themselves as a “hipster,” I figure that it’s variously an exonym, or a synonym for “poseur.” About 22 years ago it might have been the same deal with the term “Gen-X.”


I was called a Hipster by a friend. i was wearing a yellow polyester cardigan and I said that I looked schlubby but she said no, I looked Hipster. But I’m over 40 so maybe she was just trying to be nice. Or maybe because she is also over 40 we are both out of touch. Meh.


No, it’s what stage actors do to simulate conversation in the background.


(But now I get it)

There’s a song called “Makeshift Swahili” by This Heat that ends with the word “rhubarb” repeated over and over.


(Same with peas and carrots, BTW, FYI, etc.)


I’ve heard that “watermelon watermelon watermelon…” is also used. It gives more facial variation than rhubarb.


“Cantaloupe watermelon rutabaga” was what a bunch of the drama geeks in high school said they used. (I was a band geek. There was some crossover.)




I see your Harry Gibson and raise you one Lord Buckley.