Archie's "new hipster look"


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Haven’t seen the inside of it, but I actually like the art style. Here’s hoping the writing’s good.

Then again kinda hoping for another Archie/Punisher crossover.


Hey! I like those shirts. They’re unironically affordable.


But do people1 look at you and say “Going for the hipster look, eh?”

1. Excluding Bloomberg reporters


I was into Archie before Target was.


No, but I am pretty consistently surrounded by Bloomberg reporters, so I suppose it’s a matter of time. I think they’re obligated by their style-guide.

ETA: Which is apparently available on Amazon.


Just so long as they don’t touch Jughead’s crown. It will always be cool.


I have the cross hair cut out covet special edition of that!! :slight_smile:


Whenever I see Archie Comics in the checkout aisle, I always ask myself “WHO is reading this?” I have never seen anyone purchase one, or even pick it up to look at it. I’ve seen people pick up and look at the most obscure, strange magazines, but never, ever anything Archie.


Hey at least they didn’t make him a neckbearded hipster!


I always made a point of grabbing one or two for my kids (10 years back or so) but didn’t stand there looking at them. (Damned if my kids weren’t going to share with me the basic cultural knowledge of all things Riverdale.) So, you may be missing the quick grab at the last moment from parents, and the colorful covers probably get lost among the fruit roll up boxes and hi-c piled on the conveyor belt.


I read them. Mostly cause the spouse likes them and I will pick one up for her every now and then. They are fun and I have always loved the art in them.


OK . . . is this really Archie’s new look, or is it his look in a parallel / supplementary line of comics?

I know that Archie died in a parallel series, for example.

My guess is that the classic-look jokie Archie will always be around, with spinoffs like this tried now and then.


They’ve retconned his death then?


That motherfucker is earnestly wearing a letter jacket that he himself earned, at high school. That is the literal opposite of hipsterism.


This looks more like a Dawson’s Creek comic than Archie.


I always preferred ‘classic’ Archie - from when I grew up, natch (70’s). I saved my collection and this summer I gave them to my 8 year old son. I’m happily surprised he’s really ‘digging’ them. (‘digging’ = 70s hipsterism)


That second picture: black jeans and an unbuttoned plaid shirt over a t-shirt was pretty much what I wore all through high school, minus the Chuck Taylors, although they are my shoe of choice these days.

I guess I’m a hipster and never knew it.


I bought hundreds when I was a teenager and would binge read them. Mainly because they were dirt cheap from the store near my house, and because I was king at procrastinating. I think people look too hard at the annoying love triangle dynamics of the comics and miss that there were some decent gags in there. I developed an intense interest in comics as a kid, and while I read a lot of different kinds, it was Archie that taught me you could execute a fairly complex story-arc in just a few small pages.


I guess it’s now set in the 90s, by the look of it.