60s folk music motherload on Pete Seeger's "Rainbow Quest" TV show

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An artist as memorable as Mimi Fariña deserves to have her name spelled correctly.

I remember watching these when broadcast 50 years ago. Especially the episode with the Greenbrier boys. and that little clip of a home movie with Mike Seger playing a banjo while riding a unicycle.

The performance and interview with Mississippi John Hurt alone is priceless


Came to say the same - motherlode not motherload - but you omitted the @garethb2 (who is probably not responsible for the headline, anyway)

Also @garethb2

I’m going to have to spend some time this evening watching these videos, though. Looks like a real find!

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I too came here to confront “motherload” (tho i will be listening to the folk music later).

If society is to survive, I think schools need to start holding annual special assemblies about this. Not so much “motherload” – I’ve never heard that one, it just stands out due to the troubling imagery. But the non-word “lodestar” is threatening to tear civilisation apart.

The word people are usually looking for is “pole star”. They’re mixing it up with “lodestone” (a naturally occurring magnetic rock), which is used as a similar but not identical metaphor. I believe the word “lodestone” comes from the idea of using a magnet to find ferromagnetic ore(?). Anyhoo it has been alleged that the recent popularizer of this malapropism is Mike Pence, so be extra careful, as you don’t want his tongue in your mouth.


If Richard hadn’t gone for that motorcycle ride, can you imagine the works these two could have continued to produce? That is some good stuff.

I love this homemade old show. One of my favorite performances is Judy Collins singing Wild Mountain Thyme. Episode 32 - Rainbow Quest by Pete Seeger: Judy Collins - YouTube

only 188 views for that one! I’m watching him do John Henry now, and it’s incredible.

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