7.5 million Tofurky roasts have been sold, here's your chance to learn how they are made

Why not give jackfruit a chance?


I mean, what goes wrong with cherry processing? The name implies it should be pretty good. Do they just have a sideline in straight up cyanide poisoning off the cherry seed oil press biz, or end up using it deterring pests from getting into the fresh stuff side?


…and you substitute grapeseed oil for the canola? Or an algae?

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The process for making maraschino cherries (the bright red ones) involves bleaching and recoloring them. Smells atrocious throughout town.


Some are made of chayote…


The almond flavoring being added explains why I find them so gross.


Multi-decade veg. Not a big fan of mock meats. Lost my taste for the real thing, so why try wannabes? But some are quite tasty. This is not one of them. Tried for the first time last night, one bite and it went in the trash.

Tofurky is pretty good, Field Roast’s Celebration Roasts are better. We switched to the Field Roasts some time back. They are our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. KiltedMom makes a fantastic fresh cranberry sauce (Suitable for making a vodka-based with) which pairs well with Tofurky or Field Roast.


Finally saw the real thing in person and tried it Saturday evening. It was more toothsome than I anticipated.
Overall, not something I’d run out to get again, but it was a nice option for the Thanksgiving spread.
As a funny side note, our hostess knows the guy from the video! Small world.


I use a bit of olive oil to fry some onions, those get blended up into the loaf base. I’m not sure where you got canola from?

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